Bellabeat Leaf Activity Tracker Rose Gold

by Bellabeat


The Bellabeat tracker is a health monitor that is able to predict stress based on your lifestyle habits. It monitors your activity, sleep, reproductive health and alerts you to oncoming stress while guided breathing and meditation exercises help you relax. The Bellabeat Leaf has a new elegant geometric design made from a water-resistant wood composite and stainless steel.

Features: Activity tracking, sleep monitoring, period calendar, stress prediction, guided meditations

Weight: 0.59 ounces (16.5g)

Material: Wood composite with stone-like appeal & hypoallergenic stainless steel clip

Placement: Necklace, bracelet or clip

Water resistance: IPX grade 6

Battery: Coin cell battery - 6 month duration

Compatibility: Android™ and iPhone®

Sync: Bluetooth Smart wireless syncing

Packed with highly sensitive movement sensors and with a secure data backup, Leaf runs 24/7. While you're sleeping, while you're meditating, while you're being active. There is no need to charge it since the battery lasts up to 6 months. Leaf works with both Android & iOS.

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